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Company news

Foton Cummins customers visit Longsheng Technology

On March 2, general manager Chen Hua and chief engineer Suo Guotao of Foton Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. visited Longsheng technology. Ni Ming, general manager of Longsheng science and technology, and other company leaders exchanged and received.

We visited the company's General Office of science and technology, the development process of its products, the development process of its products, and the development of its products. After that, general manager Ni reported in detail the current overall situation, business situation and future development plan of Longsheng company. He also made a special introduction to the verification progress, production preparation and exhaust back pressure valve products of the Sixth National throttle valve which cooperated with Foton Cummins project. At the same time, he also made a detailed report on the commissioning of Fukang throttle production line.

Mr. Chen fully affirmed the achievements of Longsheng company in the field of engine exhaust aftertreatment system since its establishment more than ten years ago, and also recognized the support given by Longsheng technology to Foton Cummins in terms of quality, cost, cooperation and service. Mr. Chen said that he would speed up the promotion of various projects of Foton Cummins and Longsheng technology, ensure the quality and quantity of the projects, ensure the early realization of batch production and achieve win-win situation, and make all production preparations for the upcoming switching of products to national VI.