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Company news

Launching ceremony for the completion of Longsheng technology new energy auto parts production base

On the morning of December 14, 2018, the completion and launching ceremony of Wuxi Longsheng Technology Co., Ltd. new energy auto parts production base was solemnly held in the plant area of South Road of Longsheng science and technology city! Hong Yanwei, deputy secretary and deputy director of the Party Working Committee and Management Committee of Wuxi high tech Zone, deputy secretary and deputy director of Xinwu district Party committee, army, Secretary of Wangzhuang Street Party Working Committee, Mr. Kuroda Haoshi, President of Japan Kuroda Seiko Co., Ltd., and leaders and guests of relevant departments of Wangzhuang Street attended the ceremony.



First of all, Mr. Ni Maosheng, chairman of the company, delivered a speech on the stage to express his heartfelt thanks and welcome to the leaders and guests who have been paying close attention to and supported the launching ceremony and the partners of Heitian Seiko. Chairman Ni said: Longsheng technology hopes that while maintaining the stable development of its main business, it will take the lead in the transformation of new energy field through its parts business. With the most advanced equipment, the best environment and the greatest support, we are committed to building this area into the most advanced iron core manufacturing factory of new energy driven motor and motor in China.


Subsequently, Mr. Hiroshi Kuroda, President of Kuroda Seiko Co., Ltd., delivered a speech. Kuroda attaches great importance to the field of new energy vehicles. This time, the completion and start-up of lonson technology's new energy auto parts production base, Kuroda hopes to take this opportunity to further cooperate and develop with Longsheng technology and micro research precision.


Mr. Huang Xiwei, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee and director of the office of Wangzhuang sub district, delivered a speech. He believed that the completion and opening of the new energy auto parts production base and the in-depth cooperation with Kuroda Seiko of Japan will surely inject a "cardiotonic" into Longsheng science and technology to expand and strengthen its scale strength, and add new assistance to Wangzhuang's high-quality industrial development.


Hong Yanwei, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee, deputy director of the management committee, deputy secretary of Xinwu District Committee and deputy director of Xinwu District, delivered a speech, pointing out that Longsheng technology, as an outstanding representative of private enterprises in Xinwu District, has always unswervingly taken the road of independent innovation, and has continuously invested in major project research and development, high-level talent introduction, industry university research cooperation and exchange, and capital market development, which has improved the core of the enterprise Competitiveness, has become the national Torch Program key high-tech enterprises. This time, the completion and opening of the new energy auto parts production base marks that Longsheng technology has taken another solid step on the road of industrial transformation and upgrading. It is believed that the subsequent introduction of Kuroda Seiko technology in Japan will also add "acceleration" to the sustained and rapid development of Longsheng technology.


After the speech, the company leaders and guests jointly unveiled the products of the new energy automobile parts production base, cut the ribbon for the start-up ceremony of the completion of the production base, and took a group photo as a souvenir.





Longsheng technology will always take practical actions to fulfill its solemn promise of creating value for shareholders, employees, customers and society. In the face of China's favorable policy support and huge market opportunities, I wish Longsheng technology and Heitian Co., Ltd. will cooperate more closely, hand in hand, and create brilliance together.