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Talent Concept

Criteria for selecting candidates: putting morality first and having both ability and political integrity

Principle of employment: knowing employees well to make good use of them and applying them appropriately according to their ability; exerting employees’ strengths and tolerating their weaknesses; using the capable ones, replacing the average ones, and discharging the incapable ones

Employee assessment criteria: "morality, ability and performance"-performance first, giving consideration to attitude and ability.

Basic requirements of employee quality:  honesty, reflection, studiousness and motivation

Pursuit of employees: strengthening body and mind, sharpening will, stimulating potential, establishing correct value system, thinking and behavior mode, and creating brilliant career and healthy and rich life.

Methods of work: whole process control, stage evaluation, and equal emphasis on results and processes.

Style of behavior: be truthful in speech, firm in action and excellent in results; no prevarication, no procrastination, and no speculation

Management philosophy: using the right person, to the right position, at the right time, with the right method, to do the right thing, and to do the thing in place-to establish an automatic success mechanism for employees and enterprise.

View of human resources: talents are the foundation of the rise and fall of an enterprise, and the enterprise is the boat for talents to sail far away. Only by helping each other in the same boat can we reach the other shore. Retaining talents with treatment, career, emotion and atmosphere

Professional ethics of employees: dedication, loyalty, initiation, responsibility, honesty and diligence