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Company news

Longsheng's six products have been shown on the 17th China International Exhibition of internal combustion engines and parts


The 17th China International internal combustion engine and Parts Exhibition (engine china 2018) was held in Beijing National Convention Center from November 15 to 17, 2018.

With the theme of "innovation driven, energy saving and emission reduction, green manufacturing", the exhibition comprehensively displays all kinds of internal combustion engine and parts, alternative fuel internal combustion engine products, remanufacturing technical equipment and products, internal combustion power generation equipment, control system, special manufacturing equipment, energy-saving technology in the manufacturing process of internal combustion engine and various related technologies, products and services of internal combustion engine industry.

2018 is the third year of the 13th five year plan. The "made in China 2025" and "opinions of the general office of the State Council on strengthening energy conservation and emission reduction of the internal combustion engine industry" put forward clear development strategies and target requirements for energy conservation and emission reduction of China's internal combustion engine industry. As the largest exhibition in China's internal combustion engine industry, mainstream internal combustion engine and parts enterprises have brought their main products. Wuxi Longsheng Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional EGR manufacturer with the most abundant varieties and complete types of EGR valves with the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction. Wuxi Longsheng science and Technology Co., Ltd. showed its brand-new products, such as brushless electric EGR valve, etc, fin type cooler and high-end sensor, which are used in the national sixth light and medium and heavy-duty engines.

In this exhibition, Wuxi Longsheng Technology Co., Ltd., as the leader of domestic EGR industry, once again took the company's latest products to attack. The products cover various types of high and low pressure EGR valves, diesel throttle valves, EGR cooler modules and exhaust back pressure valves. It is suitable for medium and heavy duty engines in accordance with national V and VI standards.

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The exhibition held a number of wonderful advanced technology forums, symposiums, new product release conferences and other concurrent activities from multiple angles and all-round way to pay attention to the latest trend of the industry, lead the cutting-edge technology trend, and promote trade matching negotiation. The high-end forum and technical exchange activities at the same time enrich the connotation of the exhibition at different levels. The Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry of environmental protection, and the emission standard setting unit participate in the exhibition to interpret the development trend of the industry.


As the leader of domestic EGR industry, many main engine plants at the exhibition, such as quanchai power, Yunnei power, Changchai Co., Ltd., have carried the EGR system products of Longsheng technology.

The main engine manufacturers equipped with EGR system of our company will launch models such as Yunnei power d30tcif, d40tcif, d25tcif, d20tcif, d45tcif, d19tcie2; Weichai wp4.6n; quanchai H30, q23, Q28; Hualing Xingma cm6d30; Changchai 4g33v16; Dong'an power d15m; wulingliu machine PHEV; Zhejiang xinchai 4k41rt40, 4d32yt40, 3e22; Yuchai ycy24, etc.

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